ANGELS IN AMERICA (1995 & 1996)

ROLE:  Louis Ironson

THEATRE:  Stadsteater, Stockholm

FIRST PART: September 6, 1995

SECOND PART: April 19, 1996


In late 1985 and early 1986, as the first wave of the AIDS epidemic in America is escalating and Ronald Reagan has been elected to a second term in the White House, the playÕs two parts bring together a myriad of disparate characters whose lives intersect, intertwine, collide and are blown apart during a time of heartbreak, reaction and transformation. Ranging from earth to heaven, from the political to the intimate to the visionary and supernatural, Angels in America is an epic exploration of love, justice, identity and theology, of the difficulty, terror and necessity of change.



Jonas Falk - Roy M. Cohn
Bo Samuelson - Mr. Lies
Michael Nyqvist - Louis Ironson
Stefan Larsson - Prior Walter
Ingela Olsson - Harper Amaty Pitt
Axelle Axell - Hannah Porter Pitt
Anna Pettersson - Ängeln
Marian Gräns - Ethel Rosenberg
Lamine Dieng - Belize

* * * * *

Director - Rickard Günther
Translation - Nils Gredeby
Scenography - Peter Lundquist

Costume - Maria Geber
Lighting - Anders Tufvesson
Makeup - Johanna Ruben


"It's a far distance that separates Europe and the USA”, wrote one critic in a review of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America when it played at Stockholm's Stadsteater. The play was considered difficult in Sweden because in the tolerant and open Swedish society, there was no stigmatization of homosexuality or people with AIDS. Angels in America was, however, in line with a major national coming-out process for homosexuals in Sweden.

Jonas Gardell:
"Micke was magnificent as the anxious, manic, babbling Louis who abandons his love when the man gets AIDS."

QX Magazine Article