(Among Us)

ROLE:  Ernst

GENRE: Drama

COUNTRY:  Sweden

PREMIERED:  March 19, 2010


Cecelia and Ernst live a happy middle class life until their son Alexander falls at the playground and ends up in a coma. Doctors do not have any great hopes that he will recover. Ernst and Cecilia choose very different ways to handle their feelings. Ernst is a man who appreciates order and reason. He relies on logic and facts. Cecelia, on the other hand, teaches art and has a more open attitude to what we cannot explain in life. Their sorrow becomes huge and begins to damage their relationship.

Then, by chance, Cecilia meets a very strange man who turns out to possess inexplicable information about Alexander and how they can save their son and their marriage.

Film Details

Michael Nyqvist - Ernst
Izabella Scorupco - Cecilia
 Tchéky Karyo - Walter
Alexander -
Donald Sumpter - Man on bench
Ewa Fröling - Inga
 Jacob Ericksson - Birger

* * * * *

Director - Johan Brisinger
Screenplay - Johan Brisinger
Cinematography - Henrik Stenberg
Music - Henrik Lörstad, Malcolm Pardon
 & Fredrik Rinman

94 minutes

* * * * *

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Production Notes & Photos

The film was shot in Stockholm and on the island of Gotland in the spring of 2009.

Director/Screenwriter Johan Brisinger: "I felt a need to push myself to the limit, to be bold, to let go of my inhibitions. People should be allowed to express themselves, and audiences don't go to the cinema to see everyday events. As soon as they come across social realism, they think, 'Well, that's not very convincing.' I wanted to follow a certain escapist tradition, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Dickens and the like. I started off by writing the heading: 'A Modern Fairytale'. You have to take risks."

Publicity Photos
Press photos in Stockholm at the Grand Hotel - March 15, 2010
Stockholm Premiere at the Rigoletto Theatre - March 15, 2010
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