ROLE:  Haimon

THEATRE:  Royal Dramatic Theatre

DIRECTOR: Jasenko Selimovic

PREMIERE:  February 22, 2003


Antigone is one of the plays of a trilogy written by Sophocles called the Theban plays. Antigone was not only daughter to Oedipus but also his sister. Oedipus unknowingly married his mother, which makes Jocasta, Antigone’s mother and grandmother at the same time. This is a tragedy play about Antigone disobeying the King’s law by burying her brother, Polynices. In the play Kreon (King) promises death to whoever buried Polynices when he finds out who it is. Kreon starts interrogating Antigone when he was told she was the one responsible. Antigone denied nothing, she buried her brother proudly and unafraid of the consequences. Kreon sends Antigone to her death because of her actions. Antigone was also Haimon’s fiance, Kreon’s son. There was news that Haimon decided to kill himself and die beside Antigone; because of this Kreon tried to take back his actions, but it was too late. Antigone was dead when he reached her and Haimon then kills himself. Haimon’s mother finds out he killed himself and took her own life as well. The tragedy of the play is that Kreon lost so many people all because he was stubborn enough to kill a girl for burying her brother. He was selfish and used his power for evil.



Anna Björk - Antigone
Philip Zandén - Kreon
Lakke Magnusson - Väktaren
Nina Fex - Ismene
Inga-Lill Andersson - Eurydike
Michael Nyqvist - Haemon
Jan Waldekranz - Teiresias
Lars Amble - Körledaren
Peter Luckhaus - Kören
Jonas Bergström - Kören
Basia Frydman -Kören
Kristina Ekholm - Statist
Miriam Gillberg - Statist
Martin Vogel - Statist
Isidor Högberg - Statist
Christoffer Gustafsson - Statist

* * * * *

Director - Jasenko Selimovic
Production Design - Lars Östbergh
Costume - Lili Riksén