ANXIETY (2001)


ROLE:  Hotel clerk

GENRE:  Drama - short film

DIRECTOR:  Christoffer Boe



A man suspects that his significant other, an actress, may be seeing another man.

Production Notes

It was actually a  graduate film by Christoffer Boe made while attending the National Film School of Denmark. During that time he directed a trilogy of short films 20 to 30 minutes long all starring Maria Bonnevie and Nikolaj Lie Kaas. The storyline was the same - a young male is obsessed by a beautiful woman and then trapped in his own logic of what love is. "Anxiety" received the Prix Decouverte de la Critique Francais and was screened in Critic’s Week in 2002.

Film Details


Nikolaj Lie Kaas - Leos
Maria Bonnevie - Xania
Pernilla August
Michael Nyqvist - hotel clerk
Erland Josephson

* * * * *

Written & directed by Christoffer Boe
Cinematography by Alberto Claro

* * * * *

32 minutes

* * * * *

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Cinema Zone:

"Anxiety" is the story of Leos and a glance at the many faces of love: angry, gentle and forgiven. Moments stiffen, dissolve and change, exactly as the film's kaleidoscopic structure does.

Leos is affected by love, but he tries to run away from the emotions awakened in him. Plagued with fear and doubt, he goes to Stockholm to be with his girlfriend Xania, but she cannot remove his nagging thoughts. The sense of joy is stained with anxious irritation.

In the dark, Leos and Xania find each other with gentle kisses, tears and delicate eyes. They are connected, yet strangers to each other. Leos lives with an inseparable tension and calm in nature that affects their relationship. We never feel secure in their relationship, only in their love.

In this tangible reality, where everything can change like the wind, the intensity of love holds firmly in the vulnerable and painful nerve of emotions and relationships.