BECK (Swedish TV Crime Series)


ROLE:  Police Officer John Banck

GENRE:  Crime drama


PREMIERED: June 27, 1997


Season 1 - We are introduced to the Murder Squad: Martin Beck, Gunvald Larsson, departmental cyber expert Lena Klingstrom   and finally Joakim Wersen, the annoying chief whose fast-track style hinders rather than helps their investigations. Beck’s cases confront issues of immigrant child welfare, drug smuggling and biological warfare. While dealing with family problems, a headstrong daughter and the death of his only son, Beck also tackles two serial killers while engaging in territorial battles with Swedish security service Säpo and the Russian embassy

Program Details


Peter Haber - Martin Beck
 Mikael Persbrandt ... Gunvald Larsson
Ingvar Hirdwall - Grannen
 Rebecka Hemse - Inger
Måns Nathanaelson - Oskar Bergman
 Peter Hüttner - Oljelund
Michael Nyqvist - John Banck

* * * * *

Michael appeared in these seven episodes of Season 1:

Lockpojken  (The Decoy Boy)
Mannen med ikonerna (The Man with the Icons)
Vita nätter (White Nights)
Öga för öga (An Eye for an Eye)
Pensionat Pärlan  (The Pearl Hotel)
Moneyman  (The Money Man)
Spår i mörker  (Night Vision)

* * * * *

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