Föräldramötet  (Short Film - 2003)

(Aka Classmates)

ROLE:  Ulf

GENRE: Drama

COUNTRY:  Sweden

PREMIERED:  April 26, 2003


Two fathers attempt to sort out a conflict between their sons. It turns out to be more difficult than they thought when their opinions about a good upbringing are so different. The sons, however, find a solution that none of them imagined.

Film Details


 Cast (in credits order)
Michael Nyqvist Michael Nyqvist ... Ulf
Axel Zuber Axel Zuber ... Niklas
Micke Enerdal Micke Enerdal ... Pelle
Örjan Ramberg Örjan Ramberg ... Krister

* * * * *
Directors -  Björn Carlström &Stefan Thunberg
Screenplay - Björn Carlström & Stefan Thunberg
Music - Ragnar Grippe
Cinematography - Per-Arne Svensson

* * * * *

26 minutes


This film tells about what happens when two kinds of fathers with different parenting methods meet to talk seriously about the one son having bullied the other.

Michael Nyqvist plays the soft-spoken father seeking the warmth of people. Örjan Ramberg is the physically hard-hitting and furious father who gives his son a reward because he gave a black eye to his classmate. Ramberg is really eerie and gives thoughts of the killer in "The Silence of the Lambs".

In parallel with the war between the two fathers' pedagogy and rhetoric, we follow how the sons meet in the waiting car outside. What initially is pure bullying leads through various credible paths to something similar to friendship.