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ROLE:  Professor Hillner

THEATRE:  Royal Dramatic Theatre

WRITER: Alfhild Agrell

PREMIERE:  October 23, 2007


A play in three acts by Alfhild Agrell, first performed at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm on February 16, 1884. Ms. Agrell was a Swedish writer and playwright, known for her works about sexual equality. Valborg, a governess for the Hillner family, becomes pregnant by nobleman Sixten Björnklo, who views his relationship with Valborg as nothing more than a passing fancy. He plans to marry the Hillner's daughter Gertrud. Valborg, who believes in justice confronts Björnklo and announces the truth to family and friends. She becomes aware of the double standard.



Michael Nyqvist - Professor Hillner
Nina Fex - Hilma - Hillner
Sofia Pekkari - Gertrud Hillner
Théresè Svensson - Valborg Lindén
Danilo Bejarano - Sixten Björnklo
Christoffer Svensson - Olof Wide
Irène Lindh - Moster Lisen

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Writer - Alfhild Agrell

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One performance