(The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man)

ROLE:  Johan, a writer

GENRE: Erotic drama

COUNTRY: Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Poland/ France

DENMARK PREMIERE: January 21, 2010


A successful woman named Karin lives a seemingly perfect life with her writer husband Johan and their young daughter. In her dreams, however, she has erotic encounters with an unknown man in an East European hotel room.  On a business trip to Paris as a fashion photographer, she meets the very man who has appeared in her dreams. The mysterious man says he is from Poland and an economics teacher. Their intense night together is supposed to be a one-night stand, but Karin finds herself irresistibly drawn into this "fatal attraction". Although her husband senses a change in her, Karen keeps meeting this man from Poland and even travels to Warsaw to see him. This time their rendezvous has dangerous consequences for the future.

Film Details

Sonja Richter - Karen
Marcin Dorociński - Maciek
Mikael Nyqvist - Johan
Albert Blichfeldt - Josefine
Tammi Ost - Marie

* * * * *

Director - Per Fly
Screenplay - Per Fly & Dorthe Warnø Høgh
Music - Stefan Nilsson & Kristian Eidnes Andersen
Cinematography - Harald Gunnar Paalgard

95 minutes

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Production Notes:

Production began on June 2, 2009 and filming continued for eight weeks in Poland, Paris and Copenhagen. Budget was estimated at 22 million kr.

From the director:

"I talked to sexologists and women who survived such obsessions. I have met amazing stories of their irrational behavior caused by obsessive feelings towards a man. They described painful experiences and a sense of rejection, but also great, powerful love and lust."

Publicity Stills
Film Festivals
2009 Norwegian International Film Festival
2009 Stockholm International Film Festival
2010 Leeds International Film Festival
2010 Lübeck Nordic Film Days
2010 Seville European Film Festival
2010 Taormina Film Festival
2011 Helsinki International Film Festival
2011 Norwegian International Film Festival
2011 TOFIFEST International Film Festival
2012 Göteborg International Film Festival

"The cinematography by Harald Gunnar Paalgard and the musical score by Steffan Nilsson and Kristian Eidnes Andersen add to the dreamlike mood of the film... Performances are deeply felt. Nyqvist does not have a large role, but he makes the most of his few scenes, capturing the anger and hurt of a scorned husband. Richter keeps us on her side even when she's behaving insanely, and Dorocinski makes a handsome yet maddening love object."   ...Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

"Delicious Parisian streets, dragging alleyways, dancing shadows and Warsaw's ruined ruins are, in fact, the focal point of the film, where Fly has filled these fascinating locations with a high-rise dream game. Must be sensed, tasted and enjoyed in this dense and sharp European journey...  This is not a solid melodrama like Fly's other films but, on the other hand, an erotic and nice high-end film for Danish standards."   ...Filmz.dk

"One has sympathy for Fly's bold ambitions. The problem is that his movie appears like a jarded design that never becomes alive or the person. "    ...Ebbe Iversen, Berlingske

Style of content, and looking beyond the aesthetics, the film seems to be banal... One cannot care for the action when the characters never live and breathe like real people... Well, the movie is great, nice to look at. "   ...Morten Dürr, Børsen

"A beautifully shot, hauntingly erotic, frequently sharply observant little psychodrama that understands a good deal about human frailty as well as our preconceptions of how relationships should play out. Anyone looking for a thought-provoking evening's entertainment should consider this particular chamber piece recommended."   ...Matthew Lee, Screen Anarchy

"...takes us on tour of the unbelievable wonderland of drives and longings. Even sex is distant here - a nasty, uncontrollable operation with the orgasm as a sigh of relief... Sonja Richter is wonderful and unbearable."    ...Birgitte Grue, BT

"There's simply not a shadow of a spark in the interaction between the two main roles. Which, of course, can be a conscious point from Fly's side. It just does not work as a movie. And so, 'The woman who dreamed of a man' also carries a pure dramaturgic touch of being a mindset, not least because of the decisive anti-climatic ending. ... It  is not a bad movie. It's just not as good as you could rightly expect from Per Fly. "    ...Henrik Queitsch, Ekstra Bladet

"Fly has not created a very great work of art, but a good journal of the  hormone shock disease."     ...Johs. H. Christensen, Jyllands-Posten

"Sonja Richter gives a skinless beauty performance, but the aesthetics shine for the film."    ...Erik Jensen, Politiken

"'The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man' is not a movie in the bottom category, but not a movie in the top category. What gives a positive impression is the use of the aesthetic. Color usage, environment and camera positions are used in an interesting way. The music in the film reinforces the feelings of the characters, and helps create drama."  ... Kristina Stensholt, Sørnett.no

"'The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man' is beautifully filmed with a well-worked use of locations from Paris, Warsaw and Copenhagen...  Although the film is beautiful, decorative and sporadic, I do not think it visually rises to the desired heights. The aesthetically well-groomed and thoughtfully well-crafted does not reach... Understandably, Fly has wished to expand his work and find new inspiration for irrational reasons. If the experiment with this amour fou film can loosen up for a richer future film expression, it has fulfilled its mission."   ...Morten Piil, Information, dk

"A very well-controlled tale, which is artistically ambitious, but also somewhat pretentious...  ...Palle Schantz Lauridsen, Kristelig Dagblad