(Dream of Autumn)

ROLE:  Man

THEATRE:  Royal Dramatic Theatre

DIRECTOR: Stefan Larsson

PREMIERE:  January 26, 2002


The original title is "Draum om hausten" as it was written by Norwegian dramatist Jon Fosse. The synopsis reads: They meet, perhaps unexpectedly, in a cemetery - an old love begins again. Dense dramatic images of a life come forth, where not only she and he meet, but also his former wife, mother, father. And all the time there is the presence of death, which gives the contour to the life and the love that is being played.



Michael Nyqvist - Man
Gunnel Lindblom - Mor
Marie Richardson - Kvinna
Börje Ahlstedt - Far
Kicki Bramberg - Gry

* * * * *

Author - Jon Fosse
Director - Stefan Larsson
Production Design - Jens Sethzman
Costume - Kajsa Larsson

64 performances


A cemetery. Somewhere. Some time. A man. A woman. A love and a death.

And such time as bouncing back and forth between then, now and then. Apparently completely without a logical consequence and above all without breaks that say that ten, maybe twenty years have passed.

Jon Fosse's play "Dream of Autumn" is a dream game without beginning and end. The theme is life and death, which is coming too fast.

Michael Nyqvist and Marie Richardson play the nameless couple meeting in a cemetery and hurry home to her hotel room. Though they do not even get away before his parents pop in ready to bury the grandmother. Though, in fact, it has been a decade. And suddenly, even the father is dead. Finally, life is nothing more than a good death.

The focus is more on what is not said than what is really said. For Waterfall's figures do not speak to each other, they rely on banal conversation topics and meaningless remarks in a repetitive vocabulary. It sounds heavy, but despite the seriousness, it is often surprisingly fun.

Since Fosse has written away from time and space, the role figures must also retain some anonymity. Michael Nyqvist's Man is nervously rescued most of his life, while Marie Richardson's wife laughs and waits.

Börje Ahlstedt plays the father, stuck in a heavy old man's bag while Gunnel Lindblom's mother is the only one who demands and dares to show her longing for love.

They play all human kisses rather than people and they make it very convincing. Jens Sethzman's stinging cemetery framed by stone walls, being a funeral building, reinforces the impression of space and timelessness.

As an elegance of life, "Dream of Autumn" at the same time is thoughtful, sad and extremely sincere. A mere hour-long performance that can not leave anyone untouched.