(You Disappear)

ROLE: Lawyer - Bernard Bergman

GENRE: Drama

COUNTRY:  Denmark

DENMARK RELEASE: April 20, 2017


Mia is married to the charismatic headmaster Frederik, but when he is diagnosed with a brain tumor, his personality begins to change. Her happy marriage is shattered when he becomes ever more a stranger before her eyes, especially with the revelation that he has used his position as headmaster to embezzle millions from his school's treasury. Her private crisis now involves the community. She must, with the help of defense lawyer Bernard, find answers to whether Frederik was guilty of his own actions, or whether it was the tumor that affected his decisions. Together they wrestle with the latest brain research, the question of free will, as well as their growing attraction to each other. How well does she know her husband? Who is the man that she has built her life around? Consumed by her new obsessions, Mia must reexamine everything she thought she knew about marriage and herself.

Film Details

 Trine Dyrholm - Mia Halling
 Nikolaj Lie Kaas - Frederik Halling
 Michael Nyqvist - Bernard Bergman
Boe Følsgaard - Anklager Mikkel
 Lars Knutzon - Laust Saxtorph
 Sofus Rønnov - Niklas Halling
Meike Bahnsen - Lærke Bergman
Lane Lind - Dommer

* * * * *

Director -  Peter Schønau Fog
Screenplay - Peter Schønau Fog (based on the novel by Christian Jungersen
Cinematography - Laust Trier-Mørk

97 minutes

* * * * *

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Production Notes:

Filming took place in Silkeborg, Copenhagen, Trollhattan and Mallorca between September 28 and November 20, 2015. This is the first of Christian Junger's books to be filmed. The book was a great international success in the US, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Budget was 26 million kroners.

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Premiere: April 19, 2017 at the Imperial Cinema, Copenhagen
Film comments

"Peter Schønau Fog has made a successful film of Jungersen's bestseller. The film is crafted almost like a psychological thriller. Du forsvinder manages to bring its audience along on an exciting trip with its psychic twisted hook. It's simply one of the best and most interesting Danish films I have seen for a long time."   ...Birgitte Lorentzen, BT.dk

"Credibility throughout is sustained by a classy cast, including the late Michael Nyqvist in a role with more dimension than the raging baddies that raised his international profile."  ...Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

"Large parts of the film take place in the courtroom, where the defense is built around the fact that Frederik had a brain tumor three years ago, which made him unmanageable and unable to understand the consequences of his actions. The whole course is told through his wife, played by Trine Dyrholm, who is brilliant as the fragile and powerless spouse who can neither relate to his husband's illness nor the fact that he may be getting well. The film is generally characterized by really strong acting performances. The young son of the couple also succeeds in delivering both the very big emotions and the little-needed moments of comic relief."   ...Emma Louise Ellehøj, Ordet.net

"All three leads are fixtures in the Scandinavian star system and have individually proven themselves capable of carrying films in the past, but You Disappear doesn’t give the trio a whole lot to do."   ...Bradley Warren, The Playlist

"All of this is fascinating stuff – and I assume it reads that way in Christian Jungersen’s novel – but Fog is so busy considering the story’s philosophical underpinnings that he forgets to render that story in a compelling or urgent manner. As a result, some fine work from Dyrholm and Lie Kaas – and from the late Michael Nyqvist, who plays the couple’s lawyer in one of his final performances – is left to wither on the vine."   ...Norman Wilner, Now Toronto

"Though the film's final act drags itself out in service of an unnecessary and wholly predictable twist, Fog elicits consistently affecting performances from his leads."   ...Chris Machell, CineVue

"The affair between Mia and the lawyer Bernard (a fabulous Nyqvist) is understandable and oddly fitting to the overall canvas of the movie. Peter Fog’s fleeting take upon the nature of our conscience and the control we possess over our will is a fascinating albeit an unfulfilled thriller."   ...Kalpit Tandon, High on Films

"Although the book has been sold in over 70,000 copies and consequently read by far more, Schønau Fog's complex but tightly managed storytelling makes a both fascinating and overwhelming film. All in all, 'Du forsvinder' is an extremely successful transformation from book to film. Scary, confusing, shocking, with no uplifting bright spots; A cold dystopy about man as a slave of his heart's merciless chemistry."  ...Helle Sihm, AOH.dk

"The three primary figures are played with great fame and great credibility by Trine Dyrholm, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Michael Nyqvist...  An unconditional successful film that deserves a big and excited audience."   ...Henrik Queitsch, Ekstra Bladet.dk

"Finally a Danish film for adults. The person, existential and well-played.  When did we last see a Danish film that is about who we are?...  Let me say it right away: 'Du forsvinder' is exciting like a psychological thriller in the champion class...  The defense attorney (fine play by Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist) relies on dismissal with reference to the accused of 'inability to act sensibly at the time of the act'. A character and personality shift caused by the brain tumor - for which Frederik is now successfully operated. From now on the film takes place in the courtroom, where the prosecutor will disprove that the brain tumor should have influenced Frederik's criminal action. Excitingly enough. But 'Du forsvinder' can do much more than portray a dramatic trial. We get a close-up of people who constantly question the subject of their actions."   ...Uffe Stormgaard, Cinemazone.dk

"In a support group for relatives, Mia meets the lawyer Bernard (always famous Swedish Michael Nyqvist) whose beautiful and before-so-busy wife Lærke has been injured after a car accident... Just as sensationalized as the personal drama momentarily feels, just as theoretically captivating is the weighty subject of the brain's amazing mechanical functions and the film's absolutely well-placed critique of the social stigma and general ignorance that is still related to mental disorders. Is my opinion about the film ultimately based on original impressions, or just the calculated sum of my brain's anticipated expectations, saved experiences and my knowledge of the novel, actors, etc.?"  ...Lise Ulrich, Soundvenue.com

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