Å ENA SIDAN (2001)

(On the One Hand)

ROLE:  Wille

THEATRE:  Royal Dramatic Theatre

DIRECTOR: Peter Dalle

PREMIERE: April 12, 2001


A daring melodrama about money, love and death. The play is performed at a restaurant.  Half of the audience sees only what is going on in the kitchen while the rest of the audience sees what is happening in the restaurant. In order for the audience to get an overall impression, the audience can change places with each other and see the play again.


 Fredrik Evers - Sven
Bertil Norström - Karl
Jonas Bergström - Bill
Lena Nyman - Sara
Angela Kovács - Martina
Michael Nyqvist - Wille
Tomas Pontén/Hans Klinga - Lasse
Gunnel Fred - Kattis
Johan Lindell - Arnold
Carl-Eric Ankarås - Polis/Ambulansman
Johannes Sjöman - Polis/Ambulansman

* * * * *

Writers - Hans Alfredson & Peter Dalle
Director - Peter Dalle

* * * * *

Number of performances: 49


Lydia Duprat, Cafe Creme:

The very idea of ​​a play whose action is divided and played on two different scenes simultaneously - as is the case with "Å Ena siden", - is not as original as you may think. It has been applied before, for example, in Iceland's Ami Ibsen's play, "Himmelriket", which was staged at the Upsala City Theater a few years ago. But no matter who first came up with the idea, it is undeniably interesting because it opens up new dramaturgical opportunities. They have unfortunately not been fully utilized here.

The action takes place at the restaurant "Black and White" and is divided into a kitchen scene and a restaurant scene. One half of the crowd begins by choosing either side and after the break, you change and see the other. I started on the kitchen side and I advise all of you who have not yet seen this play to do the same. Then you will finish with the best part and go home with the feeling that this theater play may still be quite creative after all. You have laughed a lot.

It is only when you have seen the two parts of the play that you should have gained an overview of the whole intrusion and fully understand the (serious) consequences of some actions. This is just one of the narrative techniques that can be seen from two different perspectives. Unfortunately, the intrigue of idleness consists of chopped, worn and predictable themes: left-wing pulpit, bondage and old secrets.

The ensemble struggles bravely and the authors are undoubtedly succeeding in generating a number of laughs.


Excellent actors...  Nyqvist is irresistible... Great comedy... On the one hand, competent actors - on the other hand, shaky material.