EN DAG I TAGET - Panikångest (TV - 1999)

(One Day at a Time - Panic attacks)

Swedish TV series

ROLE: Henrik

GENRE: Drama

COUNTRY:  Sweden

AIRED: November 22, 1999


Henrik is 30 years old and works as a high school teacher. He is well-liked and happy with his job, but sometimes he feels that the demands are great on him. On his way home from work one day he suddenly feels a heavy pressure on his chest and finds it hard to breathe.

Henrik becomes terrified and fears a heart attack, but the emergency doctor cannot find anything wrong. A short time thereafter a new attack and anxiety occurs. Henrik becomes more and more isolated until he no longer dares to leave his home. Only then does he realize that he must seek help.

The series - "One Day at a Time",  describes alcoholism, eating disorders, panic disorder and drug abuse. Each program  realistically depicts what it's like to have this addiction. All doctors and therapists play themselves. The films are meant to enlighten people on these subjects.

Program Details


Michael Nyqvist - Henrik
Kajsa Ernst - Åsa
Viktor Nordlind - Jussi
Sten Johan Hedman - Högberg
Anna Godenius - Siv
Jan Fellenius - terapeuten

Director - Göran Stangertz
Screenplay - Jonas Frykberg
Music - Lasse Jansson

58 minutes