FRANK & LOLA  (2016)

ROLE:   Writer Alan Larsson

GENRE:  Drama/romance/mystery


RELEASE:  December 9, 2016


Frank is a brooding Las Vegas chef who has always focused his energy into his culinary talents, until he meets Lola, a young and beautiful enigma. Together, Frank and Lola build an intense relationship that saves them from their mutual despair. Cracks begin to show after Lola suddenly cheats on Frank, which leads to Frank's evolving mistrust of Lola and a growing obsession with an imposing man from her past.

Film Details

Imogen Poots - Lola
Michael Shannon - Frank
 Justin Long - Keith Winkelman
Michael Nyqvist - Alan Larsson
 Rosanna Arquette - Patricia
 Suteara Vaughn - Sage
 Emmanuelle Devos - Claire

* * * * *

Director - Matthew Ross
Screenplay - Matthew Ross
Cinematography - Eric Koretz
Music - Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans

* * * * *

88 minutes

* * * * *

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Production Notes:

Filming took place in Las Vegas in December 2014 for three weeks with 17 days of filming. Five more days were added in Paris in late February/early March 2015.

Film Festivals
Sundance Film Festival - January 27, 2016
San Francisco International Film Festival - May 3, 2016
Seattle International Film Festival - June 11, 2016
Melbourne International Film Festival - August 5, 2016
Deauville Film Festival - September 8, 2016
American Film Festival (Russia) - September 26, 2016
Sofia Independent Film Festival (Bulgaria) - November 1, 2016
Publicity Stills

"The character of Alan seems to be modeled on controversial French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and Nyqvist does a fine job of leaving us in doubt about the true nature of this suave but possibly predatory bigwig. Emmanuelle Devos has a small but pivotal role in the Paris scenes, and Justin Long gives a likable performance as Lola’s employer." ...Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

"Frank learns that there’s another man in Lola’s life, a kinky aging married French playboy, played by the always terrific Michael Nyqvist, and the scenes in which these two get acquainted, circling each other like the predators they are, are the sign of a born filmmaker. Ross has the confidence to take a movie places you didn’t think it was going to go and to seize the audience’s fascination." ...Owen Gleiberman, Variety

"Frank & Lola is a pleasant surprise at the end of the year as Oscar season looms ominously in the distance. If adverse to the dreck that usually goes up for the awards, Matthew Ross’ debut is an enjoyable and dark alternative." ...Film critic Michael O'Sullivan

"Director Ross keeps the level of tensions high until the end, and Shannon’s strong performance is aided quite a bit by an equally good one from Nyqvist as the smooth, seductive Alan. Occasional moments of violence, even sexual violence, make this a very edgy film, and we never know how it will all turn out up to the last moment." ...Cate Marquis,

"Frank & Lola works amazingly well as a quiet piece of sex-driven film noir (like Body Heat) where even fancy restaurants seem to be places of doom and deception. Las Vegas is the perfect setting, almost a character in itself." ...Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

"Writer/director Matthew Ross appropriately sets his modern-day film noir in Las Vegas; Sin City makes the perfect setting for this tale of two emotionally scarred, relationship-shy characters... With Rosanna Arquette as Lola’s mother and Michael Nyqvist as a suave and cagey old friend of Lola's, Ross’s film is always utterly gripping. The intrigue is palpable as the story examines issues of truth, jealousy, and trust. A romance at its core, the picture asks that age-old question: can we ever really know who we fall in love with? ...Carrie Kahn, Spinning Platters

"Suffice it to say that Frank & Lola is a picture that casts a moody spell as it wends its way through plot convolutions that depend as much on atmosphere as surprise. That’s a perfect fit for Shannon, who is able with near-minimalist gestures to convey the inner distress of a man obsessed with a woman and bent on sweeping away all doubt about her fidelity... Poots sketches Lola vividly, but she remains a relatively opaque presence by comparison to Frank... The rest of the cast add significant supporting turns. Nyqvist smoothly keeps you guessing until the very end, while Long adds a hint of a possible darker motivation to a character who, on the surface, just seems to be a good-natured back-slapper."  ...Frank Swietek, One Guy's Opinion

"Shannon shines as Frank, who is easily one of cinema’s most inscrutable and indomitable characters since Lee Marvin’s Walker of Point Blank fame, and the devious Nyqvist and the distressed Poots excellently complement his character."  ...Reggie Peralta,

"Nyqvist, for the record, is better used here than he has been since Hollywood adopted him as a go-to Euro-villain some five years ago. There’s something more unsettling about him in this less obviously villainous role than there was to him when he appeared as boss-level baddies in Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol and John Wick." ...Brogan Morris, We Got This Covered

"Ross proves himself to be adept at conjuring an enveloping, grownup romantic mood that allows Frank and Lola’s love affair to burn with a palpable, volatile passion. Incorporating a lush score from composers Daniel Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, and utilizing occasionally elliptical editing, Frank & Lola weaves a spell in its early stretches as we sense the sexual chemistry but also an odd tension between the main characters... Nyqvist provides just the right amount of vaguely sinister veneer to Alan." ...Tim Grierson, Screen Daily

"Nyqvist (so good in the Swedish Dragon Tattoo films) and Emmanuelle Devos are deliciously sordid as a kinky European couple with a lax attitude about fidelity. And Poots, who seems one film away from becoming a huge movie star, is terrifically unpredictable—vulnerable one minute and manipulative the next." ...Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly