ROLE:  Gustav III

THEATRE:  Royal Dramatic Theatre

DIRECTOR: Maria Aberg

PREMIERE: January 12, 2008


Three of the most mythical reigns share one evening called Tre Kronor - King Gustav Vasa, Kristina and Gustav III. It is part of the celebration at Dramaten to honor its 100th anniversary.

August Strindberg's play is about the assassination of Swedish king Gustav III who was killed by a lieutenant Jacob Johan Anckarström who acted on behalf of a group conspirators.



Michael Nyqvist - Gustav
Malin Güettler - Drottningen
Pontus Gustafsson - Pechlin/Schröderheim
Mats Bergman - Lijensparre/Badin
Filip Alexanderson - Olsson/Ribbing
Sunil Munshi - Anckarstrom
Jon Karlsson - Horn
Per Graffman - Armfelt
Marika B. Lagercrantz - Fru Schröderheim

* * * * *

Play by August Strindberg
Directed by Maria Aberg
Set design - Rufus Didwiszus
Costume design - Inger Pehrsson


Director Maria Aberg: "It has been very fun to work with Michael Nyqvist. He is open and humble, works hard and is very committed."

Michael: "It feels fun to be back. My friends are here at Dramaten... Gustav III is a bit of a dream to me...  Gustav III is an old man I've always been fascinated with. He was the king of the people and when he died, everyone went out and cried."

Publicity Stills
Tre Kronor leads - with Elin Klinga & Torkel Petersson

It's an impressive collection of actors who back up Nyqvist: Malin Güettler is an unfortunate queen who wants to be free from her husband, who she not only despises but also hates. Per Graffman makes Armfelt an unpleasant streak and Marika Lagercrantz gives life to the wide-ranging and intriguing wife of Schröderheim. In addition, Pontus Gustafsson is king as the continually contending general Pechlin. Sunil Munshis Anckarström is obsessed with hatred to Gustav, and the vaguely hinted motive of his murder lust gives an underton of injustices - perhaps abuse.   ...Sthig Jonasson

"The one who rules the evening is still Michael Nyqvist's Gustav III" ...Västerbottens Kuriren