ROLE:  Russian Captain Sergei Andropoyov

GENRE: Action thriller


US PREMIERE: October 26, 2018



Deep under the Arctic Ocean, American submarine Capt. Joe Glass is on the hunt for a U.S. sub in distress when he discovers a secret Russian coup is in the offing, threatening to dismantle the world order. With crew and country on the line, Capt. Glass must now assemble an elite group of Navy SEALs to rescue the kidnapped Russian president and sneak through enemy waters to stop WWIII from beginning.

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Gerard Butler - Captain Joe Glass
Gary Oldman - Admiral Brad Crawford
Linda Cardellini - Jane Norquist, NSA senior analyst
Michael Nyqvist - Captain Sergei Andropoyov
Toby Stephens - Navy Seal Lt. Beaman
Caroline Goodall - US President Dover
Common - Rear Admiral

* * * * *

Director - Donovan Marsh
Cinematography - Tom Marais
Music - Trevor Morris

* * * * *

121 minutes

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Production notes & photos

"Hunter Killer" is based on the book "Firing Point" written by retired naval officer George Wallace and author Don Keith. Principal photography on the film began on July 25, 2016, in London.


Ben Kenigsberg, NY Times:
"Director Donovan Marsh, pulls off some solid suspense as the men make their moves and Joe, appealing to their common calling, wins the trust of the rescued captain of the Russian sub (Michael Nyqvist, who died last year). However nutty its geopolitics, Hunter Killer does its job as popcorn thriller with brisk efficiency."

Neil Soans, Times of India:
"Michael Nyqvist, in one of his last roles before his demise, brings a war-weary and insightful aura to Captain Andropov. His interactions with Captain Glass are fascinating as the two skippers share a tense yet humane kinship. There are some moments of intrigue created when the two rival captains encounter each other."

Chas Farrow, Janks Reviews: 
"There are a few nice shots and visual effects of submarines in the Arctic, which occasionally achieve a sublime sense of wonder. There is also a notable scene where Nyqvistís Russian Captain helps to navigate the submarine through mine-infested and perilous iceberg scattered water."

David Kimmel, North Shore Movies:
"While Butler is the anchor for the film, the film also has a solid cast in supporting roles... Nyqvist conveys a career Russian naval officer trying to thread the needle in figuring out what course of action to follow. If the plot sometimes falls into melodrama, the characters and how they face various challenges makes this more than just another action film."

Tom Santilli,
"The film is notable in that it contains one of the last performances for actor Michael Nyqvist, who died last Summer due to lung cancer. The incredibly talented Swedish actor became known to American audiences in the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies. Seeing him on-screen was a pleasant surprise, albeit bittersweet.

Keagan Miller, The Battalion:
"The one performance I was impressed with came from Michael Nyqvist, who played Butlerís counterpart captain in the Russian navy. His stoicism and the complexity of his character made for the one performance in the film that I wasnít expecting, but that caught me off guard in all the right ways. Nyqvist unfortunately died last year after his parts in the film were complete but well before the movie was released. He took a film that couldíve been interesting on its own and made it into something better."

Robert Horton, Herald Net:
"The Russian captain is played by the late Michael Nyqvist, the memorably weatherbeaten actor who came to fame in the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Nyqvist (who died at age 56 in 2017) adds a touch of class, and many of his exchanges with Butler take the form of grim nods of the head. Exactly what you want in a movie like this."

Nell Minow, Movie Mom:
"The filmís most compelling scene is when Glass has to find a way to gain the trust of a Russian captain (the late Michael Nyqvist, showing canny grizzled wisdom) very quickly and the two men recognize that they have more in common with each other than they ever will with the guys back home giving them orders based on politics and computer screens.

Frank Swietek, One Guy's Opinion:
"Nyqvist, whose somber, nearly silent performance brings some real gravity to his scenes. Itís sad to think that this will probably be that fine actorís screen swan song."

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune:
"Only the late Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist, as the Russian sub commander rescued by Glass, acts with stern distinction and zero histrionics. He was a fine actor; heíll be missed."

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle:
"Butler is a strong leading man Ė the Tom Berenger of our time Ė and it would be nice if he got a decent part now and then. Still, he does OK with this one, playing particularly well off of Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist, who is brilliant and contained as a humane Russian captain. It was, alas, the next-to-last performance by Nyqvist, who died last year."
"Linda Cardellini meanwhile does solid - if thankless - work as NSA analyst Jayne Norquist, and of course, we can't forget the late Michael Nyqvist, who gives a compelling turn as Russian sub Commander Captain Sergei Andropov in one of his final performances."

Brandy McDonnell,
"Character development also isnít a strong suit for the helmer and writers, but Butler and Nyqvist share an appealing chemistry as two seasoned leaders willing to break the rules to do the right thing. And Beamanís tactical teammates boast a selfless cowboy charm that makes you want to root for them."