JUDITH (1990)

Three-part TV Series

ROLE:  Niklas Wide

GENRE: Romantic Drama

COUNTRY: Sweden/Norway/Finland

PREMIERED: February 14, 2000


A multi-layered relationship drama of love and betrayal - longing and reconciliation. It revolves around Judith, a young woman with vague theater dreams, Ragnar, a successful writer who created the artist collective Vrångsön, and Rosalyn, Judith's mother, who is torn between the love for her family and her writing. Judith and Ragnar meet in the summer of 1983. Their meeting will be the beginning of a passionate relationship and a stormy marriage.

Program Details


Rebecka Hemse - Judith Wide
Peter Andersson - Ragnar Waldengren
Marika Lagercrantz - Rosalyn Ankarcrantz
Anna Godenius - Katrin Larsson
Thomas Oredsson - Ronny Larsson
Peter Luckhaus - Leo Backamo
Jan Ärfström - Matti Englesson
Göran Ragnerstam - doktor Lagerwall
Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch - Mme Berger
Alexander Skarsgård - Ante Lindström
Moa Lagercrantz - Rosalyn, 23 years old
Klara Bozzi - Judith, 5 years old
Michael Nyqvist - Niklas Wide

* * * * *

Director - Alexander Moberg
Script by Gunilla Jensen and Jonna Cullberg
Based on the novel "Judiths Teater"
by Inger Alfvén
Cinematography -  Leif Benjour
Music - Thomas Sundström

* * * * *

174 minutes

* * * * *

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