ROLE: The model

GENRE:  Drama

COUNTRY:  Sweden

BROADCAST:  Aired on October 4, 1982


"Kamraterna" was adapted by poet/novelist Bodil Malmsten from the play by August Strindberg. It is a comedy in four acts about a married couple who are both artists. It addresses the subject of the equality of men and women in the society of 1886, and also contains a discussion of the property rights of married women.

Program Details


Lena Söderblom - Axel
 Lars Green - Bertha
Pia Green - Mrs. Starck
Tommy Johnson - Dr. Östermark,
Yvonne Lombard - Abel
Torsten Wahlund - Lt. Starck
 Michael Nyqvist - The model

* * * * *

Director - Bodil Malmsten
Writer - Bodil Malmsten
Based on the play by August Strindberg
Music - Björn Isfält
Cinematography - Kristofer Röhr

* * * * *

65 minutes