(THE NIGHT SISTER - Norwegian mini-series)

ROLE:  Butcher Tage Wolter

GENRE:  Crime

COUNTRY:  Norway

PREMIERED:  September 24, 2007


The Night Sister is a Norwegian mini-series about investigator Cato Isaksen who went to NRK1 in 2008. In this series he is put on trial when an elderly lady is shot outside her home in Ullevål Hageby. During the investigation, her 14-year-old granddaughter disappeared for over three months.  The series is based on the Unni Lindell novel with the same title from 2002.


Reidar Sørensen - Cato Isaksen
Marit Andreassen - Bente Isaksen
Sondre Vegheim - Vetle Isaksen
Kyrre Haugen Sydness - Roger Høibakk
Jannike Kruse - Randi Johansen
Trond Brænne - Asle Tengs
Sondre K. Larsen - Preben Ulrichsen
Vanessa Borgli - Eva Gerner
Marika Enstad - Ingeborg Myklebust
Tina Opsahl Hansen - Kathrine Bjerke
Malin King - Maiken Stenberg
Andrea Therese Fosterfold - Silverstone Steen
Christian Fjeld -Alexander Stenberg
Michael Nyqvist - Tage Wolter
Lars Sørbø - Alf-Boris Moen
Trine Wiggen - Helena Bjerke
Line Helga Mathisen - Breda Elise Moen
Göran Ragnerstam - Johan Wolter
Harald Mæle Jr. - Kenneth Hansen
Knut Joner - Andrè Hansen
Mai Lise Rasmussen - Mai Britt Hansen
Christian Rubeck - Nils Bergmann

* * * * *

Director - Alexander Eik

Written by Jonas Cornell, Unni Lindell and Lars Bill Lundholm

Four episodes

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From the Director:

"'The Night Sister' captivated me as a story of envy, with mythical dimensions; a sense of boundless and all-consuming admiration for another person that culminates in a perverse desire not only to be like that other person, but to transcend and take over that other person's personality completely. "All I ever wanted, was to be like you..."