OLIVIA TWIST (TV mini series - 2002)

ROLE:  Fagerlund

GENRE:  Family drama


PREMIERED:  March 2, 2002


"Olivia Twist" is a modern variant of Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist" but set in modern day Sweden (Stockholm) with a girl as the main character. The seven-episode adventure series is about an orphan girl who searches for her true identity.


Mylaine Hedreul - Olivia Twist
Michael Nyqvist - Fagerlund
Ing-Mari Carlsson - Gunn Britt Mann
Lisa Werlinder - Nancy
Martin Hallgren - Anton
Viktor Källander - Räven
Kalled Mustonen - Charlie
Michael Segerström - Gerhard Bumble
Antti Reini - Bill
Gerhard Hoberstorfer - Leffe Monks

* * * * *

Director - Jonas Cornell
Screenplay -  Lars Bill Lundholm

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