(My So-Called Father)

ROLE:  Martin Sandahl, an actor

GENRE:  Drama

COUNTRY:  Sweden

RELEASE:  September 19, 2014 - Stockholm


Malin is a pregnant primary school teacher. Her boyfriend Frank breaks up with her when she’s eight months pregnant and asks her to move out. As a last resort, Malin seeks out her father whom she’s never met to see if she can stay with him. Martin is an arrogant, self-centered actor and doesn’t even recognize his own daughter when she comes to see him. Before Malin gets a chance to tell him who she is, he suffers a stroke. He wakes up with his memory wiped clean.

Malin is his only next of kin, so she is forced to take care of her father who presupposes that she must have grown up with him. But Malin has too much of a heart to tell him what an awful father he actually was. Since Martin is like a blank slate, Malin sees an opportunity to make him the father she has always missed.

Film Details

Vera Vitali - Malin
Michael Nyqvist - Martin Sandahl
 Sverrir Gudnason - Frank
 Johannes Brost - Frank's father

* * * * *

Director - Ulf Malmros
Screenplay - Ulf Malmros
Music - Jimmy Lagnefors
Cinematography - Trolle & Victor Davidson

127 minutes

* * * * *

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Production Notes & Photos:

Filming began in April 17, 2013 and locations included Stockholm, Uddevalla and Studio Fares on Film I West in Trollhättan. Filming ended in mid-June.

The idea for the film came to director Ulf Malmros back in 2007 when he read a newspaper article about a man who was out cycling and fell to the ground. When he woke up, he had no memory. In 2010 while Michael was in Paris filming "Mission Impossible", Malmros visited him and pitched the idea. Michael lit up immediately.

The role of the father was written especially for Michael. Malmros said, "I cannot think of any actor who is better suited to do this film."

Michael said: "It was fun to play someone that is so far from myself."

Having previously worked together, Malmros said, "Michael is absolutely free and has no hard hang ups. In addition, he works hard and likes it when a director pushes him. Micke also has a good eye for people, which is valuable when making movies."

When it came to casting the role of Malin, Ulf's wife and the movie's costume-maker Jaana Fomin said, "Get Vera Vitali". When Michael called from New York, his first response was "Vera Vitali". It was a match made in heaven according to Malmros (and the critics).

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Film Comments

"Nyqvist is so convincing that I hope it's just very good acting. Together with Vera Vitali, there's very nice chemistry."  ...Jan Lumholdt, Svenska Dagbladet

"I am impressed by how smoothly the film flows between sadness and laughter. How everyday and close it feels. Much is associated with the excellent leads, where Michael Nyqvist shows an unexpectedly great comic talent."   ...Maria Brander, Expressen

"Michael Nyqvist often impresses. He does not seem to choose roles that are easy. Instead, he searches for heavy, dramatic roles where it is an inner journey that is more important than what happens around the main characters."   ...Magnus Carling, Spelochfilm.se
"Phenomenal acting chemistry between Vera Vitali and Michael Nyqvist in combination with First Aid Kit on the soundtrack, makes 'Min så kallade pappa" a much better Ulf Malmros movie than the sketchy and tedious 'Mammas pojkar'."   ...Jan Andersson, Göteborgs-Posten

"The film is exquisitely presented by Vera Vitali and Michael Nykvist in the lead and, on the whole, the film is very competent... I like the movie, but prefer Malmros when he makes us cry out laughing instead!"  ...Tommy Pedersen, Filmparadiset.se

"Michael Nyqvist shines in the role of Martin. Before his accident, it is clear that Martin is a bad person who looks down on people without success. But bitter Martin is aware that it is he who lacks inner successes in life. Nyqvist's character makes a U-turn when Martin is affected by brain bleeding and loses memory. He becomes an unwritten magazine that the daughter Malin is commissioned to fill in. Here, Malin sees a chance to have the father she dreamed of. But it all hurts when Martin begins to remember his past. Martin as this "new daddy" is playful, sad, confused, happy, desperate, etc ... And Nyqvist delivers time after time."   ...Axel Diedrichs, Filmtopp.se

"Here the humor is often spontaneous, thanks to Vera Vitalis and Michael Nyqvist's ability to create a kind of warm lopsidedness in their interactions as they shed the bizarre father-daughter relationship that forms the film's hub."   ...Elin Larsson, Metro.se

"A nice surprise will undoubtedly be the one that comes from Vera Vitali and her contribution as Malin though Michael Nyqvist's performance is not far behind."   ...Nicklas Astfors, Mr.film.se

"The film goes a long way with its talented stars, the famous Michael Nyqvist, but most notably Vera Vitali... Her ability to convey both joy, sadness and anger without major dramatic gestures is amazing. Nyqvist shows a new exciting side... He has the perfect comic timing and steals every scene he's in, whether he pretends to be applauded at a hospital window or when he turns into a delicious indie ballad...  Vitali and Nyqvist's chemistry as well as interaction work gallantly."   ...Andreas Samuelson, Moviezine.se

"Vera Vitali in the female lead and Michael Nyqvist as the male lead is a brilliant team. Incredibly good casting."    ...fiffisfilmtajm.se

"The show is of high class from the main characters, Vera Vitali  and Michael Nyqvist, who have fantastic personal chemistry."   ...Fredrik Nyström, Filmfinex.se

"This is a strong story. Perhaps the strongest Ulf Malmros film. Both Vera Vitali and Michael Nyqvist give really good performances and do not be surprised if they are included in next year's Gulbaggegala."     ...Ulf Hjelting, Totallyorebro.se