en liten film om döden

(On the Last Verse - A small film about death)

ROLE: Raymond

GENRE: Black comedy

COUNTRY:  Sweden

AIRED: April 15, 1999


When a SVT manager threatens to relocate a less successful documentary director, KG Forsberg, KG puts the idea of filming his dying father. Fascinating, the boss thinks and gives KG access to a cameraman and camera. But it does not work like KG has thought. With a handsome cameraman like Tommy Bohlin and a father who does not want anything, KG becomes desperate and draws on drastic measures.

Program Details

Johan Rheborg - KG Forsberg
Jonas Inde - Tommy Bohlin
Robert Gustafsson - Dr Hanke / Aj aj-mannen / TV-chefen
Henrik Schyffert - Tommy Bohlins kollega
 Per Ragnar - Casten
Stina Ekblad - Castens sekreterare
 Erland Josephson - Ernst Forsberg
Inger Holmstrand - Inger Holmstrand-Gawell
Anna Norberg - Regina
Michael Nyqvist - Raymond

Directed by Tomas Alfredson
Written by Robert Gustafsson, Jonas Inde, Andres Lokko, Martin Luuk, Johan Rheborg and Henrik Schyffert
Cinematography by Lief Benjour

* * * * *

 55 minutes

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