PERSONKRETS 3:1  (Theatre) 1998

(Personal Circle)

ROLE: Karl-Erik/Bruno

THEATRE:  Riksteatern

COUNTRY:  Sweden

PREMIERE:  November 2, 1998


Personkrets 3:1 (Personal Circle) in 1998 stands out as a watershed in modern Swedish theatre. Written by Lars Norén, the play portrays the collective repressions of the Scandinavian welfare society. The new underclass of drug addicts and prostitutes, alcoholics and dossers refused domiciliary rights in the welfare state are here given their defense counsel. In many respects, Personkrets 3:1 stands out not only as an intellectual analysis of a post-modern society, but also as an act of love straight from Christian humanism. The play develops a powerful commitment to the sufferings of people.

Production Details


Peter Andersson - Sten
Per Burell - Anders
Jonas Falk - Philip/Olof
Thomas Hanzon - Heiner
Melinda Kinnaman - Sanna
Steve Kratz - Max/Mannen/Diablo
Stefan Larsson - Johan
Cecilia Nilsson - Lena/Angelika/Ann-Marie
Michael Nyqvist - Karl-Erik/Bruno
Anna Pettersson - Anna
Göran Ragnerstam - Bertil/Kunden
Shanti Roney - Micke
Yvonne Wangrot - Laila/Birgitta/Wangroth/Kryztyna
Ragna Weegar - Tiggerskan/Kvinnan/Pojken
Tommy Karlsson - Slam/Biljettförsäljare

* * * * *

Director - Lars Norén
Author - Lars Norén
Production design - Sören Brunes
Costumes - Gunnel Nilsson
Lighting - Fille Jacobsson

* * * * *

66 performances

* * * * *

View the entire film of the play at this youtube link




Barbro Westling, Aftonbladet:
"In Personkrets 3: 1, Nyqvist, the addict Karl-Erik played such an empathy, virtuoso confusion and instant insight that the interpretation grew into a separate act of humanism."