Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist has enough work in both Europe and Hollywood.

Source: IS.FI - November 12, 2015

"At the top of my life is family," he stresses.

Nyqvist has been with the Swedish-born Catharina Ehrnrooth for 22 years and almost twenty as her husband.

"I asked my wife when she was in love with me. She replied that I am wonderful but also awkward," Nyqvist laughs.

Nyqvist has appeared in the Finnish movie "Mother of Mine"...  Now he plays Chancellor Axel von Oxenstierna in Mika Kaurismäki's movie "The Girl King".

- I've always liked the Kaurismäki brothers Mika and Aki. We have met often and understandably Mika is more talkative about Aki. We have friends with Mika, so we've been in a lot of work."

Once Mika and Michael met, Mika began talking about his project for "The Girl King". Nyqvist says that he was interested in the manuscript's diversity and the chancellor role.

In the film, Nyqvist plays a close advisor to Queen Kristina of Sweden (1626-1689). Kristina did not think about marriage, but wanted to offer education to her subjects, and to cherish sciences and end the 30-year war between Protestants and Catholics.

When "The Girl King" was presented at the Montreal World Film Festival, the audience chose it as the best movie and Malin Buska, who plays Kristina, received the best female prize award.

"The film tells you what it was before and what it is now. Much has not changed and the story serves a good perspective for today," says Nyqvist.

Michael Nyqvist has made films in his own country and worldwide. He is grateful for his Hollywood opportunities but says he enjoys living in Sweden.

"I've been living in New York for six years, but my country is always home and Hollywood producers have been looking at Europe for years in their acting choices," says Nyqvist. "I do not think Hollywood has any sense of reality in my mind. Europeans have to explain to American filmmakers what is reality and history, for we have it. Americans just build their history."

He says, "I admit I'm spoiled because I can make movies in Europe and America. I would not have thought that in American films the performance made me so well-known. In my career, I most appreciate the respect for my work."

Nyqvist has performed with numerous well-known actors. He says Pierce Brosnan is a really nice man... In Nyqvist's view, Ray Winston has a great presence in everything he does. From Finnish actors he says Ville Virtanen and Antti Reini are, in his opinion, extremely talented.

He says, "Ville and Antti  do not stress over their profession. They have enough self-esteem. He says, "Most Hollywood actors are insecure and therefore need a large number of assistants around them. I do not have that kind of life."


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