Source: Katja Kraft (Munich Interview regarding "100 Code")

Date: March 2015

Why is it so fascinating for viewers to watch detective stories?

I think that detective stories give you that relieved feeling you sometimes have after a nightmare. You wake up and think: Oh, it was just a dream. You see people doing things that you are not allowed to do. Thriller tickle a bit of their own fear. And reveal that the society in which we live is not really as good as we believe. Crime is about rape, abuse, murder. Something you usually do not want to see.

Do you like getting to know the dark side of a human being?

Yeah, not just in front of the camera. I also always want to see the whole person in my private life. I do not like people who lie. I am very afraid of people who seem to be indifferent when someone takes something from them: "Oh, life is about give and take." That scares me.


Because I know you are lying. But when someone says, "I want to kill this and that," then I say: Okay. I know where I am. Of course, I do not like the reaction, but I know that man is honest.

Why did you accept the role in "100 Code"?

Because of the complexity of the characters. It's the story around the two investigators... A feeling that everyone carries within themselves. Everyone has left someone in a bad way. Or has children and thinks: I should be more at home. That's what it's all about, guilt. And the question: What really happens in the world? Should I foreclose? Or should I deal with it?

You are trying the latter?

Yes, as far as it goes. But it's better to understand the whole article and not just read the headline. The life we lead today is so complex - wars, the refugee situation, these things. But with all the big political issues, we like to forget that it's about people. Even in acting, whether in front of the camera or on stage, it is always about people.

Are series the modern way of attracting the public's attention to such big topics?

The best way to reach people is still the theater. You can tackle a theme in the movie, but people will say, it's just a movie. But when the audience experiences the storyline in a room with the performers, they can hardly resist it. When I started, film was not as well-known as it was said that real art takes place on stage. Fifteen years ago it was the same with television. It was said that this was not a real movie art. But now we have these great series, a new art form. When I see my son watching this on the tablet, I realize how many people are watching the series. But you no longer have this hypnotic moment as you have in the cinema or the theater.

Do you prefer to play on stage?

When you breathe in the same room and in the same second as the whole audience, you feel like an ambassador on stage. This is the strongest drug you can throw in. You never have that in front of the camera.