ROLE:  Platonov

THEATRE:  Royal Dramatic Theatre

DIRECTOR: Karl Dunér

PREMIERE:  February 5, 2005


Platonov is the name in English given to an early, untitled play in four acts written by Anton Chekhov in 1878. It was the first large-scale drama by Chekhov, written specifically for Maria Yermolova, rising star of Maly Theatre. Yermolova rejected the play and it was not published until 1923.

The lead character is Mikhail Platonov, a disillusioned provincial schoolmaster. The play is set in a dilapidated country house in the Russian provinces. Landowner Anna Petrovna, Sofia Yegorovna, wife of Anna Petrovna's stepson, and one of his colleagues fall in love with the married Platonov. He thinks society is without ideas and principles, but is aware that he himself is very much part of that society. He is compared to Hamlet and Don Juan, and likes to think of himself as a witty and intellectually stimulating entertainer. In the end, he recognizes his hopeless position between the four women and retreats into alcohol. Finally, Sofia understands that she cannot hope for a new life with Platonov and shoots him.


Michael Nyqvist - Platonov
Lena Endre - Anna Petrovna
Nina Fex - Sasja
Marie Richardson - Sofia Yegorovna
Johan Holmberg - Sergei Vojnitsev
Erik Ehn - Kirill Glagoljev
Pierre Wilkner - Petrin
Rolf Skoglund - Vengerovitj
Jacob Nordenson - Osip
Carl Wanden - Vaisilij
Gustaf - Nikolaj Triletskij
Tomas Ponten - Triletskij
Rebecka Hemse - Maria Jefimovna Grekova
Per Mattsson - Porfirji Glagoljev
Jonas Bergstrom - Petrin
Ingvar Kjellson - Bugrov
Tommy Nilson - Marko
Christer Sundgren - Jakov
Sven-Erik Eriksson - Vaisilij

* * * * *

Play by Anton Chekhov
Translation by Staffan Skott
Directed by Karl Dunér
Stage & Costume design by Peder Freij

Publicity Stills

Missed the Oscars! Because Michael was doing this play, he was not able to attend the Oscars that year in which "As It is in Heaven" was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.  Theater director Staffan Valdemar Holm asked the film producers to buy two performances for 150,000 SEK but they refused. Producer Birkeland said, "It would be completely crazy to spend so much money on such a thing. The money would be more useful if you sent it to Asia for disaster relief". The film's director Kay Pollack and actress Frida Hallgren attended the ceremony. Pollack said, "The Oscars was a perfect opportunity for Michael to show up internationally. Sad that it was like this. Really." As for Michael, he felt the producers should have paid. He said, "If you have a main role, you are a promoter of the film. But they did not think so."

"Michael Nyqvist makes a strong interpretation of a carefree Platonov, which, without further reflection, unfolds in relationships with four different women at the same time."   ...Theater critic Sthig Jonasson

"Michael Nyqvist is doing one of his best efforts ever and speaks out his role-playing vibe with a record so dazzling that people in Platonov's surroundings do not see their real misery...  It's a pleasure to see this variety of old and young drama actors interact at this high level. In addition to Michael Nyqvist's driving game in the center of all, one can mention, for example, Lena Endre's sharp interpretation of female loneliness and Marie Richardson's frustrated middle class mother. ...Björn Gustavsson, CafeCreme