Source: RES Travel magazine

Date: 2009

Sweden's RES travel magazine ran a feature on Michael in 2009 called "Best in the World". Michael was asked to give his holiday favorites:

City: Valparaiso in Chile - dirty, dangerous and sexy!

Holiday: Maitencillo north of Santiago, at Vina del Mar. We lived in a Tarzanhydda built of driftwood and grilled seafood, drank Chilean wines and saw sea lions and penguins all day long.

Beach: Mandrem Beach in India. There can be anything dive, a dolphin or a wild hippie. But most of you are alone on the beach. As I jogged in the morning, an Indian sat and waved at me.

Island: Corsica. Napoleon comes from there and they speak French so you get what they say.

Cafe: Ingrid Bergman's favorite Antico CaffÚ Greco in Rome. I love their incisions served on a silly dish.

Hotel: Hotel Ritz in Uddevalla. Have you survived one night there, you know that you can manage the most. It's like entering the hell. You are sleeping in a cell that smells of old nicotine. For breakfast, you can enjoy cornflakes or crusts.

Nightclub: Artists Association in Moscow. Actor and singer in a single mess. A whole house of high promille and full of people singing and crying.

Airline: Air France. Everyone is friendly.

Airport: Lake Placid in Canada. At the airport there are stuffed cleaners and woolen sweaters to buy. So Nordic. You feel at home, but away.

Spa: Ystad Saltsj÷bad - lonely and luxurious.

Promenades: Hampsted Heath - so English. Here, London has been filmed for forty films. My favorite Michelangelo Antonionis Blow-up was recorded here.

Store: A specialized shop on straight brushes in the Jewish quarter of Paris. They have made straight brushes since the sixteenth century.

Museum: The Uffizians in Florence, all masters are there. Leonardo da Vinci and the boys. In addition, two films have been recorded there - Hannibal and Details.

Restaurant: Mariefreds steam boat. Fantastic steak. The stream carriage at Slussen is also good - because it's so good though you're in the middle of stressed Stockholm.