[Paris Follies]

ROLE:  Jesper, a periodontist

GENRE: Romantic comedy

COUNTRY:  France

FRANCE  RELEASE:  June 11, 2014


Brigitte and Xavier are a couple of cattle farmers living and working together in Normandy. They have always got on well but now that their two children have left the household, routine and weariness have set in. One night Brigitte, who has been invited to a party by a group of Parisians in the house next to their farm, lets herself be wooed by Stan, a witty, cool attractive young man. Some time later, giving a visit to a dermatologist as an excuse, she goes to Paris to meet him. But things do not go according to plan.

Film Details

Isabelle Huppert - Brigette 
Jean-Pierre Darroussin - Xavier
Michael Nyqvist - Jesper
Pio Marmaï - Stan
Jean-Charles Clichet - Regis
Marina Foïs - Christiane
Audrey Dana - Laurette (Laurette)
Anaïs Demoustier - Marion (Marion)
Clément Métayer - Grégoire
Lakshan Abenayake - Apu

* * * * *

Director - Mark Fitoussi
Screenplay - Mark Fitoussi & Sylvie Dauvillier
Cinematography - Agnès Godard
Music - Tim Gane & Sean O’Hagan

98 minutes

Production Notes:

Filming commenced on February 11, 2013 with a 48-day shoot scheduled and took place in Normandy and Paris, which included Station de metro Concorde, Théâtre Edouard VII, Avenue des Champs-Élysées Musée d'Orsay, Place de la Gare, Place de la Concorde, and Restaurant Victor Hugo. The final scene was filmed in the Dead Sea in Israel.

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Film Comments

"A series of adventures and misadventures follow, leading eventually to a meeting with Jesper (Michael Nyqvist), a personable Dane of her own age with a matching sense of humor... She and Nyqvist have much more fun together. There's an easy rhythm to their conversations that even survives her shrieking panic attack during a supposedly romantic ferris-wheel ride. Nyqvist tosses away all care and comes across as an urbane charmer whose taste for philandering goes with a good heart and an empathetic disposition."   ...Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

"At the hotel where Brigette is staying, she meets a Danish periodontist named  Jesper, played with honor by Michael Nyqvist. He speaks excellent French! And may be just as urbane and debonair as we have seen him in Swedish productions."  ...Jeanette Gentele, Svenska Dagbladet

"Michael Nyqvist gives a really good performance. His French was impressive and a few sentences in Danish... Nyqvist is charming and perfect in the role of the periodontist."   ...Sovi Ryden. Filmeye.se

"In Paris, Brigitte's dinner with her sister law, flanked by Jesper at the next table is one of the film's funniest... Nyqvist is perfectly cast in a role that could have easily been superficial had he not been equipped to deliver so much more...  Keenly observed, the film is funny, warm and often unexpected. The countryside of Normandy is beautiful, the cattle magnificent and of course there is Paris, which always offers elegance and charm."  ...Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile

"Isabelle Huppert is delightful in this romantic comedy about love lost and found again... Thoroughly charming."   ...Bil Antoniou, My Old Addiction

"Beautifully performed by all concerned, Folies Bergère delivers a classic comedy of remarriage with Gallic insouciance – and a warm gust of country air."  ...New Zealand International Film Festival

"Wry and beautifully observed story of mid-life marital infidelity... Surely the only love story to feature a both dermatological condition and a Danish periodontist, this is a marvellously grown-up romance full of unexpected twists...  The film the film is given life by its superb acting."  ...Peter Calder, New Zealand Herald

"'Paris Follies' is a real delight. A refreshingly non-judgemental film devoid of melodramatic ideas of guilt and comeuppance that tries in earnest, but always with a light touch, to comprehend the troubled hearts of its middle aged characters. Fitoussi also has a knack for displaying how the external world affects them. Paris itself – with its galleries, its street life, its theatre – gets under the skin of the characters in the film, triggering emotions and inspiring new attitudes. He is a director capable of great nuance with a rare sensibility – resisting the urge to make a cinema that’s more overtly provocative or showy, and yet able to stay clear of easy, sentimental clichés."  ...Jason DiRusso, ABC.net.au

"Nyqvist speaks quite decent French... It's fun to hear Frenchmen reject Scandinavians, and to see Lena Endre emerge on Jesper's computer when he receives incoming calls." [Lena Endre is Mikael Blomkvist's love interest in the Millennium trilogy].   ...Ingrid Stigsdotter, Sydsvenskan

"Brigette meets a cute, Danish periodontist, played by Michael Nyqvist, who switches on all his threadbare charm and speaks decent French."   ...Fredrik Strage, DN.se

"Michael Nyqvist's choice of foreign film projects has been a constant source of surprise. He has jumped from ostentatious Hollywood Action (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) to gangster noir (John Wick) to space adventure (Europa Report). When Nyqvist now appears as a charming Dane, he fills up half the Swedish poster, even though his character first appears midway through the film... Michael Nyqvist continues to surprise: he actually speaks really decent French."   ...Karin Svensson, ITZ.se

"It is tempting to think that La Ritournelle would not have been  distributed in Sweden had it not been for Nyqvist, but considering how many generic French feel-goods that come here in recent years, I'm not so sure. Additionally Nyqvist speaks fluent French, so who can complain."   ...Fredrik Fyhr, Videosondag.se

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