SKATTEJAKTEN (2005) TV mini-series

(The Treasure Hunt)

ROLE:  Are Sterner (father)

GENRE: Family adventure

COUNTRY:  Norway

RELEASE:  September 24, 2005



Four Scandinavian youngsters on the search for the holy grail. Following in the footsteps of their great grandfather, there are riddles to solve and codes to break. Their journey takes them into a medieval mystery to the heart of European culture discovering love, suspense, faith, romance and danger.

Film Details

Sally Carlsson - Siw Sterner
Niklas James Knudsen - Jarle Sterner
Ingrid Giæver - Katta Sterner
William Svedberg - Sigge Sterner
Peter Andersson - Uffe Sterner
Per Oscarsson - Ulrik Sterner
Øystein Røger - Oscar Sterner
Siv Klynderud - Gabriella
Klara Døving - Ada Sterner
Michael Nyqvist - Are Sterner
Per Egil Aske - Lawyer
Jose Moreira - Agacheton

* * * * *

Director - Thomas Kaiser
Writer - Arthur Johansen
Cinematographer - Halvor Næss
Music - Trond Bjerknes

 * * * * *

150 minutes

* * * * *

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Production Notes

Filming took place in Norway and Mont Saint-Michel in Manche France and Rennes-le-Château in Aude, France.

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