SÖK (Search)  (2006)

ROLE:  Janne

GENRE:  Romantic drama

COUNTRY:  Sweden

PREMIERED: September 8, 2006


Youthful, sensual nurse seeking partner. Lisa is 38 and still single. Her biological clock keeps ticking, and so she turns to Internet dating.

On the net things are just like in real life. Sex comes before love. Emotions kill. And nothing is quite what it seems. The stakes get higher, and Lisa gets ready to gamble everything.

"Search" is a film about hopes, expectations and broken promises. About sex, destiny and true love.

Film Details


 Amanda Ooms - Lisa
Kalle Westerdahl - Dudde
Mikael Persbrandt - Björn
 Ulrika Malmgren - Carina
 Lia Boysen - Vera
Pernilla August - Madeleine
 Jonas Malmsjö - Fabian
 Johan Rabaeus - David
Linus Tunström - Jakob Courcelles
Michael Nyqvist - Janne

* * * * *

Directed by Maria von Heland
Screenplay by Maria von Heland
Cinematography by Peter Östlund
Music by Nicklas Frisk & Andreas Mattsson

* * * * *

94 minutes

* * * * *

Outtakes video - youtube.com

Film Commentary

Kim Nilsson, MovieZine:

Lisa (Amanda Ooms) is 38 years and single. She works as a nurse and decides during the holiday to engage in dating life and puts out a contact advertisement electronically. Vips comes a lot of hits on her side and right away the carousel is running. In parallel with this, she is tormented by memories from a love story with a friend (Mikael Persbrandt) and socializing with her friend Vera (Lia Boysen) who wedges steadily with her married boss. On the whole, a very straight and simple story that has been made a thousand times before, but with different means can always be made fresh. And von Heland at least partially succeeds.

You know a lot from popular articles such as "Bridget Jones diary" and above all "Sex and the City", which is not at all silly. Above all, the film's first hour is really entertaining, not least through the hysterical man's gallery that is presented and which we all surely encountered. Von Heland has also managed to engage a large part of Sweden's film elite and among all faces that flash past there is a little unexpected Michael Nyqvist and Petra Nielsen in very small roles. The latter figure in a completely insane sequence where the main character Lisa discovers that she is not alone on a date with a man. Amanda Ooms is really good in the lead role and has a nice sparring partner in Lia Boysen. Mikael Persbrandt's role character, however, is a rather unique concoction of previous figures in his career and the depiction of Lisa's mother is, despite the humor, not particularly tasteful.

The camera sneaks tightly, tightly on the faces that reveal the slightest muzzle and toes. A great asset when the actors are as good as they are here.

Where it fails, it is mainly in the film's last part where the melody frame takes over in a vulgar inflated way. Suddenly, that playful and melancholy mood is gone and outbursts, suicide attempts and general misery penetrate the box. A not immediately smooth transition and von Heland thus neglects a really promising premise. It is like she does not dare to trust that you can be serious if you do not press all the emotional buttons that exist and therefore the end falls as flat as rap in the Melodifestivalen. In addition, there are some surprises in the story that feel clumsy and focus from what we really want to know.

In the end, "Search" becomes a fully approved Swedish film that could have been significantly better. Just like some mail contacts in the movie, you become very attracted and interested in the initial phase. But when the person shows his real face, one disappears badly quickly, and unfortunately the same with the interest in the film's last half hour.