Date: August 25, 2015

A love story between Michael Nyqvist and his new Ockelbo B18 Aluminum boat. Yes, one would be able to describe Sweden's latest major Hollywood export if a film has been made about his vacation home in Sweden in the summer of 2015.

How has your summer been?

Michael: Thank you, it has been great. I finished a movie filmed in Dublin earlier this summer but since mid-July I have been at home and enjoying the Swedish summer and the boating here in the Stockholm archipelago.

What film did you do in Ireland?

Michael: A movie with Pierce Brosnan called "I.T." My role is an IT technician with Asperger's syndrome so it was a fun and interesting role to play with different diagnoses and I had the opportunity to scare Brosnan a number of times.

What was it like working with him?

Michael: He was very nice and it turned out we had the same theater teacher and also common friends,  such as Stellan Skarsgård. And we had a great director in John Moore.

What have you done at home in Sweden this summer?

"I have my summer residence in the northern archipelago and it is truly my paradise. You must be at peace and it is so incredibly beautiful. And I've been sitting behind the windshield on my boat basically every day.

You were one of the first to get the new Ockelbo B18 Aluminum?

Michael: It's fine, so it's been a wonderful time. Ockelbo is almost holy when you grow up in the archipelago and wanted a boat since you were little. A half-stroke has always been more natural than a slip knot and the Roslags race is bigger than Christmas. There you spotted the Ockelbo boats, and they were so nice and delicious in yellow and orange colors as compared to our own scarves.

When did you become interested in this new model?

Michael: I live on an island so I'm totally dependent on the boat working daily for all imaginable jobs and not just fun. The dream was to drive aluminum that is so durable as I load and handle so much stuff. So when I heard about this boat, there was no doubt. In addition, I am very hull-interested and knew what a great time it was on Ockelbo's old glass fiber boats. The fact was that I had only seen it on the website before I got there for the first time.

It sounds like you had really high expectations. Does it deliver up to what you hoped for?

Michael: Actually, with a good deal! The funniest is stability. I'm totally fascinated when I can stand on one side and it does not notice. Still, I'm not very straightforward right now. Previously I have driven different boats of the same size and something bigger but it has been a lot of hassle. This hull has extremely good balance and you can keep up with speed. It's perfect for example when I help my neighbor who has a fish market to pick up mites, go into small ports, or bring in a broken lawnmower.

Does the weather affect you?

Michael: Well, I'm tough so I'm driving in all weather - there's only wet clothes! The high freeboard makes it possible for you to transport yourself even in high lakes without being blown by either side or side winds.

Do you have any comments from other boat owners about the new B18 AL?

Michael: Without exaggerating, it becomes a snack like ice cream wherever you go, so it's crazy. Many like it, and those with boat eyes see for a second that this is a really functional boat that can handle the lake. Many ask what it costs and how it works so it is felt that they are interested.

What happens this fall?

Michael: In September, I'm going to Toronto's film festival where we participate in a newly-recorded thriller called "Colonia". There I play a really bad boy who meets Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies. Then some Hollywood productions are released, which have just been completed. The thriller "Frank & Lola" and "The Girl King" where I play Axel Oxenstierna. In the fall, there will also be the premiere of a TV crime series called "100 Code", which has played really well in several countries already. Then I will make a Danish movie called "The 11th". Certainly it's great fun to get involved in big Hollywood movies but I'm also keen on continuing to work at home and thus get to know, and in my way contribute in the best of the two worlds.