VEDDEMÅLET (2004) TV mini-series

(AKA The Bet and Vadet)

ROLE:  Are Sterner (father)

GENRE: Family adventure

COUNTRY:  Norway/Sweden

NORWAY RELEASE: January 4, 2004



Katta (12), Jarle (15), Siw (14) and Sigge (10) are the fourth generation Sterners searching for a treasure from the ship "Liljen" which disappeared near the southern coast of Norway in 1806. To get help from their fathers to dive for the treasure, they have to prove they are made of the right stuff. They have to travel around Scandinavia to fish six different types of fish, from six different places in the south of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, north and mid-Norway. On their journey they learn to know more about themselves and about the mysteries of their family that lie buried in the past.

Film Details

 Sally Carlsson - Siw Sterner
Ingrid Giæver - Katta Sterner
 Niklas James Knudsen - Jarle Sterner
William Svedberg - Sigge Sterner
 Peter Andersson - Ulf Sterner
 Gisken Armand - Ingrid Sterner
 Guri Johnson - Ruth Sterner
Michael Nyqvist - Are Sterner
Holger Juul Hansen - Grev Strohm
Simon Niord - Stian
Baard Owe - Butleren

* * * * *

Director - Thomas Kaiser
Writer - Arthur Johansen
Cinematographer - Halvor Næss

* * * * *

150 minutes

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