(The Wedding Photographer)


ROLE:  Stage Actor

GENRE: Comedy


PREMIERE:  October 16, 2009


The film is mostly set in Stockholm and in the small industrial town of Molkom in the Swedish province of Värmland, where Robin, an amateur photographer lives. When the factory in Molkom shuts down, Robin leaves his beloved hometown to try his luck in Stockholm as a wedding photographer. His first wedding is an upper-class wedding, where he falls in love with the bride's sister. He tries to fit into the upper-class, and goes through a makeover trying to fit into the posh world.

Program Details


Björn Starrin - Robin
Kjell Bergqvist - Jonny Björk
Tuva Novotny - Astrid
Johannes Brost - Claes
Lotta Tejle - Gunilla
Tomas Tjerneld - Ove
Johanna Strömberg - Malin
Johan Andersson - Bobby
Marianne Scheja - Cecilia
Rebecca Scheja - Elsa
Anastasios Soulis - bridegroom
Michael Nyqvist - stage actor
Jessica Liedberg - stage actress
Pontus Olgrim - baptising assistant
Erik Lundin - car dealer
Pontus Olgrim - a dopvärd

* * * * *

Director - Ulf Malmros
Screenplay - Ulf Malmros
Cinematography - Mats Olofsson
Music - Jimmy Lagnefors

* * * * *

 113 minutes

* * * * *

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Stockholm Premiere  - October 13, 2009

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