May 2017 Updates

The Michael Nyqvist Archives

May 25, 2017

Today we are closer to confirming that Michael will indeed play Bishop Joseph Fliesen in the upcoming WW II drama RADEGUND, directed by Terrence Malick. In the photo below I presume he's posing with his costume designers. His expression is so saintly!

It's not the first time Michael has donned clerical robes. In the avant-garde film "The Girl from Nagasaki" (2013) by Swiss photographer Michael Comte, he played Father Lars.

May 9, 2017

Cameras began rolling yesterday on Michael's next film project - the submarine thriller KURSK. The film is inspired by the unforgettable true story of the K-141 KURSK, a Russian flagship nuclear-powered submarine that sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea in August 2000. As 23 sailors fought for survival aboard the disabled sub, their families desperately battled bureaucratic obstacles and impossible odds to find answers and save them.

The start of production has been delayed for months. The shoot was originally scheduled to begin in Russia last fall but the country's defense ministry failed to review permit requests in time.  Filming will now take place in Belgium, Norway and France.  Michael is presently in Paris.

The screenplay, written by Robert Rodat, is based on Robert Moore's novel, "A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy". The film's director is Thomas Vinterberg.  The cast is headed by Matthias Schoenaerts, Colin Firth, Léa Seydoux, Peter Simonischek, Max Von Sydow and Michael. As of today, Michael's role has not been defined, but Schoenaerts will play Russian Navy captain-lieutenant Mikhail Kalekov with Seydoux as his wife Tanya and Firth will play David Russell, a British naval commander.